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An old newspaper which is not in use anymore after being published in excess. Some people may dispose of it or recycle it, but there are multiple ways you can utilize it without wasting it. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can make the best use of an Over issued newspaper. Following are some ways you can use them effectively:

1. Window Washing

When cleaning windows, an old newspaper works better than a towel at reducing streaks. Also, use a vinegar-and-water solution in place of a chemical cleaning for even better results.

2. Shelf Underlay

Reuse old papers to line the shelves of your bathroom cabinet, wardrobe, pantry, etc. They are less expensive than store-bought shelf liners and simple to install and replace.

4. Grill Cleaner

When the BBQ is over, you should give it some time to cool it down. Also, dampen the newspaper before covering it over a hot grill, cover it, and leave it for about an hour. Simply take off the paper and clean the grill after that.

5. Packaging Supplies

An excellent alternative to bubble wrap is newspaper. Also, wrap each fragile item separately before placing it in a box. Put them in the box with some crumpled paper between them. After that, stuff any empty spot with crumpled paper. 

Moreover, use a paper shredder to create piles of useful packaging material if you have a lot of old paper. The person who gets your present can recycle your paper packing at home rather than adding to global garbage.

6. Weed Killer 

Cover weed flower beds with the help of newspaper and soak them in water if weeds are a problem in your garden. After that, apply mulch or compost over the paper. 

Also, you can clutter the weeds eventually with the paper, and the organic matter will benefit your garden.

8. A Spark Plug

Expired by outdated news? To start a bonfire, charcoal barbecue, or campfire, use wrinkly-up pieces of old newspaper.


9. Keeper of Shapes

After use, pack your shoes and bags with a newspaper in a crinkle shape to keep their shape.

10. Drawer Liners for Produce

Put some newspaper at the bottom of the refrigerator’s drawer holding the fruit and vegetables. 

They will clean up any messes left behind by decaying vegetables and keep the drawer odor-free.

11. Ripe Tomatoes

Tomatoes will ultimately mature to a wonderful red shade when you wrap up the green tomatoes in sheets of old newsprint. In addition, layer them in a box, and cover them with a lid.

12. Stain Defense

To avoid ruining your carpet or furniture while using stains-prone items like paint or shoe polish, lay down some newspaper before you start.

13. Automobile Floor Mats

Fold the newspaper and lay them on the floor of your car to absorb moisture and keep dirt from getting on the carpet.

14. Logs for A Fireplace

Roll the newspapers and tie them together to form improvised logs. After that, you can use them in your fireplace to conserve wood.

15. Gear for Camping

When you go camping, place several sheets of newspaper underneath your sleeping bag. Also, this will keep your backpack warmly padded, dry, and free of mud and grass stains.

16. Table Bolsters

Your kitchen or dining room table should have newspaper underneath the tablecloth. Moreover, you will help shield your table from spills and other damage and is a great substitute for pricey padding.

17. A Boot and Shoe Mat

To avoid getting muddy or damp shoes on the carpet, place a folded-up newspaper next to the door.

18. Shoe Freshener

Newspapers should be crumpled into balls and placed into stinky shoes. Also, any scents will vanish if you leave them overnight and dump them.

19. Wrapping Presents

Not enough time to stop by a shop. Get Wholesale Over Issued Newspaper to wrap birthday presents. Also, if you have time, you may even make a fancy bow out of thin pieces to finish it all off.

20. Covering the Books

Newspaper works equally effectively as store-bought covers for exercise or scrapbook books. Furthermore, once you cover the books, use a segment of the paper that corresponds to the book’s subject to distinguish between them.


In summary, there are several applications that help to utilize the overissued newspaper effectively. No need to throw the old newspapers now! 

Use them for all the applications as above, and if you’re looking for bulk papers, JPC Import & Export is the right place to purchase.

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